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Essential Oils 

Our products and solutions aim to help you manage your weight,

build muscle, find opportunity, and enjoy an overall healthy lifestyle.


It is now going a step further in wellness with a solution to help

transform your life!

Say hello to Essence Essential Oils!

Whether you’re an essential oil veteran or completely new to the

genre, there are tons of exciting features and benefits that make

Essence stand out from the crowd:



Pure Oils, No Compromises

Settling for less than the best probably isn’t part of your wellness plan and should be no different for essential oils.

That’s why every oil in our Essence line is carefully selected and third-party tested as well as backed by our no-compromise to quality.

    OIL:                        Isagenix              DoTerra           Young Living


Peppermint            $17.99                 $20.50                   $22.00

Frankincense          $62.99                 $69.75                   $75.00

Lemon                     $9.99                   $10.00                   $11.50

Eucalyptus              $12.99                 $14.00              $14.75-$19.00

Lavender                 $19.99                 $21.00                    $24.25

Tea Tree                  $16.99                 $19.00                    $26.75

Digestive Blend:  

                              Tumbliss(15ml)      Digestze(15ml)    Digize Vitality(5ml)

                                $27.99                 $31.00                 $14.00 x3

Respiratory Blend:                              

                                Airway(15ml)      Breathe(15ml)   R.C(5ml) /Raven (15ml)

                                 $17.99                  $20.00         $10.50x3/ $35.75

Protective Blend:

                       Defense Shield(15ml)   On Guard(15ml) Thieves Vitality(5ml)

                                      $28.99                  $32.00                $14.75x3

Metabolic Blend:

                            Content(15ml)           Slim n Sassy(15ml)        Slique(15ml)

                                   $21.99                 $24.50                   $26.25


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