Isolation Beating the Cabin Fever- in 2020

When you google Isolation, this is what comes up;

isolation /ʌɪsəˈleɪʃ(ə)n/ noun the process or fact of isolating or being isolated. "isolation from family and friends may also contribute to anxiety"

I don't think this sums it up - it sure is something different for everyone.

While I am an extrovert, I do like "me" time, I am lucky, I have many hobbies, and can find something to do at home pretty quickly, as I don't mind picking up the gardening tools or finding a project to do (Yep, I am the girl who decides to pull out the laundry sink, and do the plumbing herself; must be those country girl vibes coming out!)

So, it is officially four week's into my COVID-19 isolation period (no, I don't have it, we are just working from home and being safe). I am not finding too many challenges (yet) during this experience. I thought I would - and don't worry I have my moments too, of boredom, lacking motivation or missing human contact or simple outings.

So at the four week mark, I thought I would start blogging what I am doing, in an effort to cure my Isolation "cabin fever", maybe provide a laugh or two, and maybe help others feel a little more connected - even if it is virtually.

Okay, so tell me, who even blogs anymore in 2020? (So 2012 right?!)

Well to be honest I tried to journal my thoughts, and days - it started off well, with a little wonder, worry, a lot of brainstorming toilet paper solutions, and after Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays... turned into Blurrsday, those journal entries stopped - hence why I am blogging.

I am lucky enough to still hold down my full-time job, as well as my side hustle "@bods_byjacintabolsenbroek" - yes this website, helping others with their health, wellness and also helping them find a side hustle that works for them too! So, I am far from bored in that sense - I am working from home.

Yes, you can google search "tips for working at home", and a tonne of tips will come up. My tip; listen to some good tunes, call your work colleague friends regularly, 'cos who else doesn't miss those coffee run chats?!

I have kept to my regular routine, wake up, get changed, go for a walk/ do something active (' because we aren't getting those steps in walking to the office), turn the computer on, check them emails and then make a coffee/ tea and have my breakfast (our smoothies only take 30 seconds, so breaky is simple).

I keep all my regular breaks, have my normal snacks at the same time, lunch and blast the music all day! I also shut my office door, so while I am in the office, it means I am working...

Don't worry, I think we all get distracted, we all find some afternoons longer than others - it's normal right?

My gym membership was cancelled, as with everyone else, the gym is closed. So I have been working out at home. We are lucky enough to have a home gym, and a bit of equipment to keep us going.

Now, I am not going to pretend that all my horse riding, cycling, walking, workouts and work is keeping me busy... I am a little to scared to look at how many hours I have spent laughing on TikTok, or at least scrolling the app! Sorry under 25 year-old's, I am on there too!! If you are a #boomer, you will be disliked for creating an account, but seriously, it is great, it reminds me of being 11, choreographing my own dance routine, pretending I know all the words and then making my family watch me perform on repeat, except now the world can see! And I for one, am a little obsessed!

I have also been making up my own home workouts and sharing them with our VIP facebook group, and trying them out myself and dying!

Much to my partners, Jeremy's delight, I too have joined the craze in making banana bread, except I have been making them into muffins! I feel like we have gone back in time in our house, making home made treats, brewing our own coffee and oh yeah I taught Jeremy how to skip!

Honestly I wish I had videoed his first attempt, it took me back to Year 3! Remember Constable Care, and the Jump Rope for Heart kids? And everyone trying out to be part of the "squad"?! Or again was that just me in my green 'bloomers' (Yes undies that go over your undies, that you tuck your squad shirt into, and jump in-front of the assembly wearing nothing but that... great picture right!?? So weird!) Anyway... Jeremy has perfected his skills and we have been having competitions on who can skip the longest.

I do feel very thankful for technology though, we have been able to facetime loved ones and keep in touch. I think more than previously ?!

I don't want this blog to be a long list of what I am doing to keep the cabin fever away, but honestly I have been treating each day as a day to keep active and keep the creative juices going.

I do know many people who are suffering, in a variety of ways. I do have a friend who is posting free mental health and wellbeing videos for free, no catches, you can find them here.

During isolation, I may have also downloaded Stan, as we love our doco's, but I am also a sucker for The Vicar of Dibley and Dawn French's rude jokes.

So in the spirit of Dawn French "the vicar" and lifting people up, I will leave you with a joke for today...

"Two nuns are driving through Transylvania when a great big vampire jumps on the bonnet. One nun says to the other "show him your cross". So the nun opens the window and yells "get off my bonnet you toothy git!" - Vicar of Dibley.

Till next time, stay safe and remember to have fun! Jacinta


©2016 by Jacinta Bolsenbroek